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This day a lot of people in big cities love shopping so much that they essentially consider it a leisure activity and
many people spend hours of their spare time, shopping and brwosing around in malls. That's it mall is the place where many people from various title and
class gathering at mall.
It's very strategic the mall role in delevering information effectively...
You can build and socializes your product and brand effectively and efficiently by building a store or representative in the mall.
Attractive, Uniq and Cozy Store Design ( Design Toko Unik ) can attract people to visit Your store, make them feel comfortable to look around and
create desire to buy something.
But building a store in mall is not easy as you build one in common public commercial area. Mall management has rules that every tenant that is already approved to rent a space in their mall should open the store at the day
that the mall management set it up, otherwise you can be charged for penalty fee.

Studio Acrylic have experienced many years in Design and Build Stores at many mall in Indonesia.
We analyze your uniq selling point and express in our Store Design to get high mind share about your product.
And sure from many years experience in Design and Building Stores | Design Toko in mall we already build a connection with many mall management in Indonesia. .

If you plan to have a store in mall, please feel free to call us: 0813-1945 2018 / 0857-19 1945 30.


Desain Stand Pameran Melanox Jakarta

Desain Stand Pameran

Design Booth Pameran Revlon Cosmetic
Design Booth Pameran Revlon Cosmetic
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Kontraktor Booth Pameran Etude korean cosmetic

Desain Stand Pameran

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